How do I wash my Bumbleride?

Save time, water and energy by spot washing. We personally tested the BuggyLOVE Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit and give it a big thumbs up!! You can find BuggyLOVE products here, . USE PROMO CODE “bumbleride” FOR 30% OFF! 

All Bumbleride fabric is composed of a breathable nylon blend for long lasting, color-safe wear. The seat fabric is removable and machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent (Instructions for seat fabric removal below). For tough spots we recommend pre-treating with Oxiclean or another bleach alternative. For 2015 models and older, due to the canopy’s frame construction, we recommend that the canopy is spot washed. 2016/2017 model canopy fabric can be removed and machine washed using same instructions as the seat fabric. Please note that all Bumbleride fabric should be air or line dried. Do not machine dry any Bumbleride fabric.

Seat Removal Instructions: To undo the backrest adjuster buckle/s, make sure child is out and away from stroller, undo the side snaps of the seat fabric near the adjuster belt. Once the strap and buckle is exposed, adjust the backrest flat to create slack in the belt. Next, turn the strap sideways within the small metal buckle and thread out of the small opening. To reattach, re-thread strap through backrest, through seat fabric tab, back around handle, and thread back through buckle. Please be sure to slide out and remove the white vinyl backing in the seat through the top Velcro opening. The backrest vinyl board cannot be machine washed. 

For further assistance, please contact your local Bumbleride retailer or our customer care at 1-800-530-3930 or

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