The front wheel on my stroller is shaking

Please remember that if you are jogging with your stroller the front wheel/s need to be locked. If you are going at a fast pace with the front wheels unlocked the front of the stroller will vibrate.


While it's possible there are other reasons the front wheel might shake it's most often related to a loose front fork. You can easily tighten the front fork from home:


Click for instructional video


Step one:
Locate the Allen key (1/16 inch) that came with the stroller to remove the screws on the hexagon shaped cap

Step two:
Once you have removed the cap and small screws you will see a bolt with a nut attached on top. Use an 18 mm socket wrench to tighten the fork nut.

** This will take some adjusting- if you tighten it too much the wheel may be hard to turn but if it is too loose then the wheel will shake. You will need to adjust it and push the stroller a few times to get it right.

** When you are done adjusting the fork and are putting the hexagon shaped cap back on the stroller please do not tighten the small screws too tight. You may need to access this part again and tightening the screws too much can result in stripping them making it impossible to access the fork nut.

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